Yellow Submarine (歌曲)

Yellow Submarine
披頭四 单曲
收錄於《 Revolver
格式 7"
录制 26 May and 1 June 1966,
艾比路錄音室, 倫敦
类型 搖滾, pop [1]
时长 2:38
唱片公司 Parlophone
作词·作曲 Lennon–McCartney
制作人 喬治·馬丁

金 ( RIAA) [2]

" Paperback Writer"
" Eleanor Rigby" / "Yellow Submarine"
" Strawberry Fields Forever" / " Penny Lane"

Yellow Submarine(黃色潛水艇)是 英國樂團 The Beatles於1966年發行的的歌曲,由 Paul創作及由 Ringo主唱。它被收錄在 Revolver中和以單曲發行。

此曲受到樂迷歡迎,單曲維持於英國排行榜榜首4星期,留在榜上達13星期。它以1966年英國最暢銷的單曲以獲得Ivor Novello Award

它在1969年再收錄於 黃色潛水艇中,並成為同名電影的主打歌曲。


當Paul獲得其創作靈感時,他正住在Jane Asher家人的屋中。他如此描述其經歷 [3]

I was laying in bed in the Ashers' garret... I was thinking of it as a song for Ringo, which it eventually turned out to be, so I wrote it as not too rangey in the vocal, then started making a story, sort of an ancient mariner, telling the young kids where he'd lived. It was pretty much my song as I recall... I think John helped out. The lyrics got more and more obscure as it goes on, but the chorus, melody and verses are mine.


原本歌曲有不同顏色的潛水艇,但最後只採用黃色的 [4]


'Yellow Submarine' is Paul's baby. Donovan helped with the lyrics. I helped with the lyrics too. We virtually made the track come alive in the studio, but based on Paul's inspiration. Paul's idea. Paul's title... written for Ringo. [3]

Yellow Submarine是Paul的"baby",Donovan有寫部分的歌詞(Sky of blue and sea of green) [5],我亦有。樂隊在錄音室中令這歌獲得生命,但這有賴Paul的創作。


It's a happy place, that's all. You know, it was just... We were trying to write a children's song. That was the basic idea. And there's nothing more to be read into it than there is in the lyrics of any children's song. [3] [6]