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English: Courteney Cox

Phim ảnh

Năm Phim Vai Chú thích
1987 Down Twisted Tarah
1987 Masters of the Universe Julia "Julie" Winston
1988 Cocoon: The Return Sara
1990 Mr. Destiny Jewel Jagger
1991 Blue Desert Lisa Roberts
1992 Shaking the Tree Kathleen
1992 The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them C "Carrie" Davenport
1994 Sketch Artist II: Hands That See Emmy O'Connor
1994 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Melissa Robinson
1996 Scream Gale Weathers
1997 Commandments Rachel Luce
1997 Scream 2 Gale Weathers
1999 Runner, The The Runner Karina
1999 Alien Love Triangle Alice Connor Short film
2000 Scream 3 Gale Weathers
2001 3000 Miles to Graceland Cybil Waingrow
2001 Shrink Is In, The The Shrink Is In Samantha Crumb
2001 Get Well Soon Lily "Lillian"
2004 November Sophie Jacobs
2005 Longest Yard, The The Longest Yard Lena Uncredited role
2006 Barnyard: The Original Party Animals Daisy the Cow Lồng tiếng
2006 Zoom Marsha Holloway
2006 Tripper, The The Tripper Cynthia Also film producer
2008 The Monday Before Thanksgiving Cece Phim ngắn
2008 Bedtime Stories Wendy
2011 Scream 4 Gale Weathers Riley
Truyền hình
Năm Tựa đề Vai Chú thích
1984 As the World Turns Bunny
1985 Code Name: Foxfire Flight Attendant Uncredited role
NBC TV movie
1985–1986 Misfits of Science Gloria Dinallo 16 tập
1986 Love Boat, The The Love Boat tập: Dare Devil/Picture Me Vai a Spy/Sleeper
1986 Sylvan in Paradise Lucy Apple NBC TV pilot
1986 Murder, She Wrote Carol Bannister Tập: Death Stalks the Big Top
1987 If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium Hana Wyshocki NBC TV movie
1987–1989 Family Ties Lauren Miller 21 tập
1988 I'll Be Home for Christmas Nora Bundy NBC TV movie
1989 Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer Jacquie Kimberly TV movie
1989 Judith Krantz's Till We Meet Again Marie-Frederique "Freddy" de Lancel CBS miniseries
1990 Curiosity Kills Gwen NBC TV movie
1991 Morton & Hayes Princess Lucy "Lucille" Tập: Oafs Overboard
1992 Battling for Baby Katherine CBS TV movie
1992 Dream On Alisha Episode: Come and Knock on Our Door
1993 The Trouble with Larry Gabriella Easden
1994 Seinfeld Meryl Tập: The Wife
1994–2004 Friends Monica Geller Bing 236 Tập
1995 Sketch Artist II: Hands that See Emmy Showtime TV movie
1995 Saturday Night Live Host Tập: " Courteney Cox/Dave Matthews Band"
1999 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Emerald Salt Pork Lồng tiếng
Tập: The Three Little Pigs
2007–2008 Dirt Lucille "Lucy" Spiller 20 Tập
2009 Scrubs Taylor Maddox 3 Tập
2009 Web Therapy Serena Duvall 3 Tập
2009–nay Cougar Town Jules Cobb Vai chính
2011 Private Practice Bệnh nhân Tập: " Step One"
2012 Talhotblond Amanda Also credited as director and producer
En otros idiomas
Afrikaans: Courteney Cox
العربية: كورتني كوكس
aragonés: Courteney Cox
asturianu: Courteney Cox
تۆرکجه: کورتنی کاکس
Bahasa Indonesia: Courteney Cox Arquette
български: Кортни Кокс
català: Courteney Cox
čeština: Courteney Cox
Cymraeg: Courteney Cox
Deutsch: Courteney Cox
Ελληνικά: Κόρτνεϊ Κοξ
English: Courteney Cox
español: Courteney Cox
Esperanto: Courteney Cox
euskara: Courteney Cox
français: Courteney Cox
Gaeilge: Courteney Cox
한국어: 코트니 콕스
հայերեն: Քորթնի Քոքս
hrvatski: Courteney Cox
íslenska: Courteney Cox
italiano: Courteney Cox
Кыргызча: Кортни Кокс
Kreyòl ayisyen: Courteney Cox
latviešu: Kortnija Koksa
lietuvių: Courteney Cox
Nederlands: Courteney Cox
occitan: Courteney Cox
português: Courteney Cox
română: Courteney Cox
русский: Кокс, Кортни
Simple English: Courteney Cox
slovenčina: Courteney Coxová
slovenščina: Courteney Cox
српски / srpski: Кортни Кокс
srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Courteney Cox
svenska: Courteney Cox
Tagalog: Courteney Cox
татарча/tatarça: Кортни Кокс
Türkçe: Courteney Cox
українська: Кортні Кокс
Volapük: Courteney Cox