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  1. ^ Lin Carter gives the debt as $41,000, and adds that the original capital was "reputedly" $11,000, meaning that during Baird's tenure the magazine had lost $52,000.[14] L. Sprague de Camp quotes Henneberger's debt as "at least $43,000, and perhaps as much as $60,000".[15]
  2. ^ In the same letter to Long, the 34-year-old Lovecraft, who often affected the airs of an aged gentleman, declared "think of the tragedy of such a move for an aged antiquarian".[17][19]
  3. ^ Jack Williamson recalls that Weird Tales was paying one cent per word, "rather more reliably" than Amazing Stories, in about 1931;[21] and Hugh Cave quotes one cent per word as the rate in early 1933.[22]
  4. ^ Ashley says Wright's health made it "impossible to continue", but Weinberg says Delaney let Wright go "in a move to further cut costs". However, in a later history of the magazine, Weinberg says that Wright, "who had been in bad health for many years, stepped down as editor", and does not give any other reason for his departure.[28][30][32]
  5. ^ Delaney had attempted to revive Short Stories in 1956, but had only produced five issues; Margulies also tried to bring Short Stories back, and kept it alive from December 1957 until August 1959.[36][37][37][38]
  6. ^ Bloch's story was "The Shambler From the Stars", which appeared in the September 1935 issue; Lovecraft's riposte was "The Haunter of the Dark", in December 1936.[76][77]
  7. ^ On a business trip to New Orleans, Quinn was taken to an upmarket brothel by his business associates, and discovered that the women who worked there were regular readers of Weird Tales. When they discovered who he was, they offered him their services free-of-charge.[84]
  8. ^ The stories were submitted to Weird Tales by August Derleth, who had corresponded with Lovecraft.[84]
  9. ^ Lowndes was later to discover that it was almost certainly Smith's story "The Coming of the White Worm" which Delaney was referring to; it was eventually published by Donald Wollheim in Stirring Science Stories.[111]
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