The Gaucho War | awards


La guerra gaucha received the following awards:

  • The Silver Condor for Best Picture, Best Director (L. Demare), and Best Screenplay (Ulyses Petit de Murat y Homero Manzi) from the Argentine Film Critics Association
  • The Condor Diploma for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay (Petit de Murat and Manzi), Main Actor (Francisco Petrone), Best Sound Editing and Best Cinematography from the Argentine Academy of Cinematography Arts and Sciences
  • Best Screenplay (Petit de Murat and Manzi) from the Comisión Nacional de Cultura
  • First prize for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actress (Amelia Bence), Best Actor (Francisco Petrone), Best Photography, Best Music and Best Sound Editing from Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Best Foreign film in Cuba shown in 1947 from the Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos de La Habana (Cuba / 1948)
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