The Gaucho War | economic aspects

Economic aspects

Filming delays meant that the producers spent part of the monies they had earned on the film El Viejo Hucha. To recoup this, they had to undersell the exhibition rights in advance in some areas. Spending as little as possible, the production ended up costing 269,000 pesos[26] approximately 55,000 US dollars. The extras in Salta were paid between 3 and 4 pesos per workday, when a theater seat cost 3 pesos. Amelia Bence was paid 5,000 pesos for about six days of filming. This was completely recouped in the nineteen weeks the film stayed at the opening theaters.[40]

Nonetheless, due to the partners' lack of business experience and their scant resources put into starting the business, critical and public acclaim did not translate into big earnings.

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