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The Silver Surfer has appeared in several Marvel-based action figure and toy lines, including one celebrating the 30th anniversary of the character's first appearance, and three based on the 1998 animated series.[119]

  • The Silver Surfer is the seventh figurine in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.[citation needed]
  • Hasbro released the Silver Surfer in its Marvel Universe toyline both individually and included with Marvel Masterworks Galactus. A "clear" variant was released with the "dark" variant of Galactus.[citation needed]
  • Silver Surfer is a playable character in the "Avengers", "Critical Mass", "Supernova", and "Galactic Guardians" sets of Marvel HeroClix.[120]

Trading cards

The Silver Surfer starred in his own "all-prism" trading card series in 1993, released by Comics Images.[121]

He has also appeared in many of Marvel's other trading card sets, notably each of the Marvel Universe Cards, Marvel Masterpieces, and Marvel Flair Cards trading card series as well as the Marvel Overpower trading card game.[citation needed]

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