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Locomotive Production

Locomotive 24 009 from 1928

Up to the end of the war in 1945, the Schichau-Werke had supplied about 4,300 locomotives of several classes to customers that included the Deutsche Reichsbahn and GEDOB formed from disbanded Polish State Railways. These included the DRG and DRB standard steam locomotive (Einheitsdampflokomotive) classes 23, 41, and DRB Class 52 Kriegslokomotive.[3] as well as DRG Class 86. The Schichau-Werke also designed the Class 24 and delivered its first two orders.[4] The factory sites were dismantled by the Soviet occupying forces after the war.

After the war the Schichau sites were acquired by Poland, to which the region was assigned by border changes promulgated at the Potsdam Conference. Postwar production included ships, wagons and boilers. The Schichau shipyard at Danzig was subsumed into the Lenin shipyard in 1950 and, in 1980, attracted worldwide media coverage as a result of protests led by the Solidarność trade union.

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