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  • Fallas: held in March.
  • Moors and Christians and La Cordá: is the culmination of the festival, which takes place in the morning following to the last Sunday of August. It is a pyrotechnic event that takes place on Main Street. The shooters, led by Mayor Fireworks, burn 50,000 rockets with an intensity of 2,000 rockets per minute. The professional and amateur shooters can shoot rockets in space enabled, the cohetódromo during the development of the major festivals. On the same day of La Cordá, and the previous day, are held other outstanding pyrotechnic events: the Rocket House Parade and Correfoc dels Dimonis of Massalfasar which from 2010 is organized by The Federation of Paterna Interpenyes and the Gatzara Gang, respectively, which take place in the center streets of Paterna. Also, after of La Cordá, in The Central Park, the penyas in the municipality, together with some neighbors, the traditional Recorda is discharged, which continue until 7 am.[3]


In addition to the typical cuisine of the area of Valencia: paella, rice and vegetables, stands out the cachap: a sweet pastry filled with a special typical cream of Paterna.

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