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The services sector represents 56% of global economic activity in the municipality. Industry accounts 33.2%, construction 9.8% and agriculture 1%.

Paterna is nestled in one of the most important industrial areas of southern Europe. In the town there are: the Industrial area Fuente del Jarro, L'Andana, the city's business Tactica and the Technological Park of Valencia.

Industrial production is very diversified: food, textiles, wood, leather, metal, chemical, plastics, transportation, electricity ...

Economic Statistics 2004

  • Economic level: 7
  • Bank branches: 37
  • Industrial activities: 1,101
  • Supermarkets: 15
  • Malls: 2
  • Industrial Index: 223
  • Commercial rate: 144

Paterna Ceramics

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Paterna was one of the major ceramic production centers in Spain competing with notable centers as Manises and Teruel, reaching its distribution throughout the Mediterranean. Known ceramics are plates, bowls, pharmacy jars painted in blue and gold and decorated in green and manganese. The pictures are varied: human figures, animals, plants or heraldic. The socarrat (15th century) is the most distinctive piece of Paterna's pottery. They are pieces of clay with a rectangular shape that were used for decoration of palaces and mansions, including eaves and ceilings. A large sample is exposed at the Museum of Ceramics in Paterna, which manages the loan of pieces to other museums and exhibitions. Currently there are ceramic pieces from Paterna in the National Archaeological Museum (Madrid) and in other museums of Valencia, Barcelona, Paris, London or New York.

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