Northern Catalonia | politics


The region is divided among those who support a union with France and those who support reuniting with Catalonia. A big majority of Northern Catalans oppose reuniting with Catalonia, however, the Catalan Unity political party promotes the idea. The party has had some success since 1993, winning seats in the municipal elections. It is now the biggest Catalan nationalist party in the region.[1][2]

Northern Catalans are proud of their Catalan heritage and have developed a "Northern Catalan" identity.

In 2016 Northern Catalonia was merged with other areas of Occitania to form a new French region. This has led to fears that the Occitan language and culture will be given precedence over the Catalan language and culture.[1]

In December 2017 reported that 2000 people took part in a protest in Perpignan, in order to get the French government to hold a referendum on Northern Catalonia reuniting with Southern Catalonia.[3] Northern Catalans helped print ballot slips for the Catalan independence referendum, 2017.[4]

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