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  1. ^ In an article published in the September 1982 issue of Illinois Entertainer, Jourgensen was said to discuss several possible names for the band (including "Fallen Pillar", "Ministry of Fear" and "Ministry of Funk"), before settling on Ministry as it combined "the doom / gloom chromosomes of Fear and the dance feel of Funk."[14] Much later publications has Jourgensen giving a credit to Fritz Lang's 1944 movie Ministry of Fear for inspiring the band's name;[15][16] AllMusic editor Greg Prato reiterated this point in Jourgensen's profile,[17] and so did Burton C. Bell and John Bechdel in an interview to James Hester for Target Audience Magazine.[18]
    In the November 1988 interview for Rockpool, Jourgensen explains:[19]

    Everyone interprets the name, Ministry, differently. Some people interpret it religiously ... To a lot of people I'm the Ministry of Assholes and others think I'm the Ministry of whatever. The whole point being that the name conjures up the image of a big omnipotent corporation behind closed doors, in darkened rooms, wheeling and dealing, powerplay type of thing. So to some people the name is along government lines and to others it's along religious lines, but when it all boils down to it what's the fucking difference. Power brokers is all that it is, behind closed doors, running your lives. And that's what it's supposed to conjure up and that's what I wanted to generate and that's what it will always be within Ministry.

  2. ^ According to Jello Biafra, it was intended to be a seven-inch single featuring the song "Overkill" with the B-side "I'm Falling".[23]
  3. ^ Alternative rock subgenres such as industrial rock[135][136][137][110][138] and industrial metal[139][140][141][142][143] are umbrella terms predominately used to describe the band's career in general.
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