Mina (Italian singer) | personal life

Personal life

In her early teens, Mina was a competitive swimmer for the Canottieri Baldesio sports club in Cremona, attended by the elite of the Cremonese bourgeoisie at the time.[42] She met her first boyfriend, a fullback for the U.S. Cremonese football club, at the swimming pool at her age of 16.[42]

Mina fell in love with actor Corrado Pani in 1962. Their relationship shocked Italian audiences as he was already married although separated from his wife. Their son, Massimiliano Pani, was born on 18 April 1963. Due to Mina's refusal to hide the relationship, the singer was banned from performing on public Italian television or radio channels. As her record sales were unaffected and audiences demanded to see Mina on the air, RAI was forced to end the ban and let Mina return to television on 10 January 1964. Within a year, her affair with Corrado ended.

Mina's brother Alfredo Mazzini died in a car accident in 1965. A year later she and her father moved to Lugano, Switzerland. Mina's intimate relationships, however, remained in Italy, as she had a brief affair with the actor Walter Chiari. A later relationship with actor Gian Maria Volontè ended after she found out about Volontè's affair with an actress. Mina's great love of the late 1960s, with whom she had a relationship that lasted three years and almost led to marriage, was the composer Augusto Martelli. Her second spouse was Virgilio Crocco, a journalist for Il Messaggero, in 1970. As a result of their marriage, her legal name was changed to Anna Maria Mazzini Crocco.[20] Their daughter Benedetta Mazzini was born on 11 November 1971. Crocco died in a car accident in 1973.[87]

Mina became engaged to her current husband, cardiologist Eugenio Quaini,[88] in 1981. They were married on 10 January 2006 in Lugano. She obtained Swiss citizenship in 1989.[20] As required in that country, she took on her husband's last name and her legal name became Anna Maria Quaini.[2][3] For the public, the Italian civil registry and its Italian documents, however, she still addresses herself as Mina Mazzini,[4] also seen in her website's domain name.[89]

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