Mark Antony | aftermath and legacy

Aftermath and legacy

Cicero's son, Cicero Minor, announced Antony's death to the senate.[143] Antony's honours were revoked and his statues removed,[144] but he was not subject to a complete damnatio memoriae.[145] Cicero Minor also made a decree that no member of the Antonii would ever bear the name Marcus again.[146] "In this way Heaven entrusted the family of Cicero the final acts in the punishment of Antony."[147]

When Antony died, Octavian became uncontested ruler of Rome. In the following years, Octavian, who was known as Augustus after 27 BC, managed to accumulate in his person all administrative, political, and military offices. When Augustus died in AD 14, his political powers passed to his adopted son Tiberius; the Roman Principate had begun.

The rise of Caesar and the subsequent civil war between his two most powerful adherents effectively ended the credibility of the Roman oligarchy as a governing power and ensured that all future power struggles would centre upon which one individual would achieve supreme control of the government, eliminating the Senate and the former magisterial structure as important foci of power in these conflicts. Thus, in history, Antony appears as one of Caesar's main adherents, he and Octavian Augustus being the two men around whom power coalesced following the assassination of Caesar, and finally as one of the three men chiefly responsible for the demise of the Roman Republic.[148]

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