Luis Miquilena | later life and death

Later life and death

In 2013 after Venezuela suffered the effects of Chávez's presidency, Miquilena was interviewed by the Venezuelan news website Runrunes. He stated that he did not feel guilty about helping Chávez gain power but stated that he felt "very sorry" for not being able to fight against the affects of Chávez during the end of his life. When asked how he would fight back against the Bolivarian government, he said that he would be "in the front line, uniting and gathering people to face the disaster we are suffering" and that "the popular struggle is not armed. It is the struggle of the people on the street. In every line of people to buy flour bread and toilet paper should be someone shaking up the people".[2]

Three years later, Miquilena died in Caracas on November 24, 2016 and the interview, one of his last, was released to the public.[9][2]

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