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London Passenger Transport Area

The London Passenger Transport Area had an approximate radius of 30 miles (48 km) from Charing Cross, extending beyond the boundaries of what later officially became Greater London to Baldock in the north, Brentwood in the east, Horsham in the south and High Wycombe in the west.

London Passenger Transport Area 1933–1947

LPTA map.png

The London Passenger Transport Area is outlined in red, with the LPTB "special area", in which it had a monopoly of local road public transport, shown by a broken black line. The boundary of the Metropolitan Police District at the time is shown as a blue broken line, and the County of London is shaded in grey. Roads over which the LPTB was allowed to run services outside its area are shown by broken red lines.

Within the special area services operated by the LPTB did not need road service licences, and no person or undertaking was allowed to provide a public road service without written permission from the LPTB. In the London Passenger Transport Area outside the special area the LPTB was required to hold road service licences.[12]

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