June 1964 | june 18, 1964 (thursday)

June 18, 1964 (Thursday)

  • The first telephone cable between Japan and the United States was inaugurated with a phone call between U.S. President Johnson (in Washington) and Japan Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda in Tokyo. A joint venture between AT&T and the Japanese telephone company Kokusai Denshin Denwa (KDD), the 5,300-mile long undersea cable was laid between Tokyo and Honolulu and gave Japan direct-line communications for the first time between Japan and North America, Europe and Australia.[78][79]
  • Marshal Rodion Malinovsky, Defense Minister for the Soviet Union, signed orders starting the development of the first Soviet space station, the Soyuz-R.[80]
  • The typhoid epidemic in Aberdeen, in which 507 people had been sent to hospitals from bacteria traced to a single can of corned beef, was declared to be at an end, more than a month after the first case had been detected on May 12.[81][82]
  • Born: Uday Hussein, Iraqi military leader, tyrant, and son of Saddam Hussein; in Tikrit (killed 2003)
  • Died: Giorgio Morandi, 73, Italian painter and printmaker
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