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Between bands

After JOJ Jessicka worked with Kevin Haskins, producer Chris Vrenna on American McGee's Alice soundtrack,[36] and drummer Samantha Maloney.[37][38] She also made a cameo appearance in Ellie Parker.[39]

In March, 2009, Jessicka appeared as a special guest in an episode of the reality television series Germany's Next Topmodel, hosted by Heidi Klum.[40][41] In April 2009, Jessicka modeled for photographer Austin Young for the Bettie Page "Heaven Bound" art show.[42]

Jessicka and her husband Christian performed with their band Scarling. at the wedding of Bravo's Shear Genius finalist Janine Jarman and Matthew Wolcott at the Houdini Mansion in Hollywood on June 26, 2010.[43]

Jessicka and her husband Christian were featured on an episode of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis which aired August 20, 2013[44][45]

Released March 10, 2014, Jessicka makes a small cameo in Placebo's - Begin The End video, directed by Los Angeles photographer Piper Ferguson[46]

On July 22, 2014, Jessicka wrote the essay titled 'Coming Full Circle with Fat Phobia, Anne Wilson, & Self Hatred' that was published online in Bust (magazine). It discusses the singers' experiences with being overweight in the music industry and fat phobia.[47]

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