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Geoje offers a variety of attractions, including Haegeumgang island, Oedo, a marine western-style botanical garden in Hallyeo-Haesang National Park, built by Lee Chang-ho and his wife when they settled on the island in 1969. Visitors visit by ferry boat from the harbor neighboring the islands.

Tourists also visit Jisim-do for trekking. Jisim is known for its Camellia vegetation. However, the Maemi typhoon in 2003 severely affected the island's plant life. Another popular tourist attraction at Haegeumgang-do (located southeast of Geoje) is the Sipja Donggul Cave. Buddhist and Shamanist sculptures can be found in the cave.

Geoje is the second largest island in Korea, so discovering these locations is most easily done using a tourist map.

Geoje Tourist Map

Historic and Cultural Sites

Geoje POW Camp

Geoje POW Camp (거제도포로수용소) was a prisoner of war detention camp for captured North Koreans established during the Korean war from (1951). It was the site of a prison riot on May 8, 1952, which is the topic of Chinese-American writer Ha Jin's fictional War Trash.[2]

Gohyeon Castle

Geoje Gohyeon Castle

Gohyeon Castle is named the 46th national treasure of South Gyeongsang Province. Gohyeon Castle (고현성) and is located in Gohyeondong, Geoje city. It was established during the Joseon dynasty in 1451.

In the famous Joseon era geography book, Donggukyeojiseungram (동국여지승람), it was recorded that the Gohyeon castle had a circumference of 3,038 Cheok () (equivalent to about 9.2 km or 5.7 mi), and had a height of 13 Cheok (3.93 m (12.9 ft)). It was considered the largest castle in the South Sea.[3]

Geoje Township Government Office

Geoje Government Office

The Geoje Township Government Office is regarded as Korea's 84th cultural treasure. During the time of the Japanese invasions, the office was established in 1470 to administer all military and shipbuilding plans.

Oksangeum Fortress Area

Oksangeum Fortress

The Oksangeum Fortress Area (옥산금성지) was an unsanctioned fortress built on the Sujeong peak to defend against Japanese invasion. Due to the strain it placed on the people during the building, the magistrate responsible was dismissed. Oksangeum Fortress is regarded as the South Gyeongsang Province's 10th cultural treasure.

Pyewang Fortress

Pyewangseong in Dundeok is the oldest fortress in Geoje.

Pyewang Fortress (폐왕성) is the oldest surviving fortress in Geoje. First built during the Silla Dynasty, Pyewang fortress later served the fortress refuge for the King Uijong the 18th king of the Goryeo dynasty, while escaping from a military coup. Pyewang fortress is located in Dundeok-myeon. Pyewang fortress is regarded as the South Gyeongsang Province's 11th cultural treasure, and National Historical Site no. 509.

Okpo Great Victory Park

Okpo Great Victory Park is located in Okpo2Dong within Geoje city. It commemorates the great victory over the invading Japanese navy by the honored general Lee Sunshin on May 7, 1592.[4]

Blue Horse (Poet) Museum

The Blue Horse (Cheongma, 청마) is a cultural exhibition and preserved birthplace museum of the celebrated poet "Blue Horse". It is located in Bangha village, Dundeokmyeon.


Jisimdo (지심도) is an island of the east coast of Geoje. It is visited primarily for its vast amount of Camellia vegetation. Although damaged by Maemi typhoon, the camellias have mostly returned. It is also a site of a Japanese military installation, from the occupation of the early 20th century.[5]


Geoje Themepark Museum

Haegeumgang Themepark Museum

Haegeumgang Themepark Museum (해금강테마박물관) is a museum of travel during the 1950s to the 1970s. It is located in Galgot village, Nambumyeon (거제시 남부면 갈곶리).

Geoje Shipbuilding Marine Cultural Center

The Geoje Shipbuilding Marine Cultural Center is an independently established combination of a Fishing Village Folk Museum and Shipbuilding Theme park museum located in Jisepo village, Ilunmyeon (지세포리, 일운면).

The Fishing Village Folk Museum covers two floors, including 4 exhibits: "The living sea/Traditions of the sea" and "Ocean experience/Renaissance of the sea".

Shipbuilding Theme park museum also covers two floors, including 5 exhibits: "Children's Shipbuilding yard/Dock 1" The history of sailing vessels/Dock 2 Shipbuilding technology/Dock 3 The future of the oceans/ Movie theatre

Geoje Museum

Geoje Museum (거제박물관) is located in Okpo. It features local artifacts used over the centuries by the people of Geoje.

Natural Attractions

Hill of Wind

Hill of Wind overlooking South Sea

The Hill of Wind (바람의 언덕) is located in Galgot village, Nambumyeon.(거제시 남부면 갈곶리) It overlooks South Sea and there is a strong wind. A windmill is set on top of hill. It became famous after 2 Days & 1 Night, where one of the most popular Korea TV shows was filmed.[6]



Haegeumgang (해금강) is named for resemblance of the famous Haegeum mountain in North Korea. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in all of Geoje.[7]

Oedo and Naedo

Oedo Island (외도)

Oedo (외도)[8] and Naedo (내도)[9] are two islands located in the southeast of Geoje island and of the two, Oedo hosts the second most visited attraction in all of Geoje, the expansive botanical gardens of Botania.

Sanbangsan Botanical Garden

Sanbangsan Botanical Garden (산방산비원) is a botanical garden in Sanbang-ri. This garden has many flower and tree varieties. Due to its remote location, it is much less busy than other botanical gardens.[10]

Mundong Waterfall

Mundong Waterfall (문동폭포) is a small waterfall located above the Mundong Reservoir. It features trails and picnic areas at this location.[11]


Gonggoji (공곶이) is a mountain side garden located opposite Naedo island. It features Camellia trees, and daffodil fields. Due to there being no road access, you must walk to get to this location.[12]


  • Gujora Beach 구조라 해수욕장
  • Myeongsa Beach 명사 해수욕장
  • Hakdong Pebble Beach학동 흑진주 몽돌해변
  • Yeocha Pebble Beach 여차몽돌 해수욕장
  • Heungnam Beach 흥남 해수욕장
  • Wahyeon Sand Forest와현 모래숲해변
  • Hwangpo Beach 황포 해수욕장
  • Guyeong Beach 구영 해수욕장
  • Hammok Beach 함목 해수욕장
  • Jukrim Beach 죽림 해수욕장
  • Deokpo Beach 덕포 해수욕장
  • Nongso Pebble Beach 농소몽돌 해수욕장
  • Mulan Beach 물안 해수욕장


Shipbuilding in Gohyeon 고현의 삼성조선소

There are various Shipbuilding docks which provide tours from the Daewoo and Samsung corporation located in both Gohyeon and Okpo.[13]


Daemyeong Resort

Daemyeong Resort is located in Ilun-myeon. It has various rooms. It offers a choice of several restaurants, karaoke rooms, billiards, table tennis and other entertainment options. There also the Ocean Bay Water Park on location, and the Marina Bay offers yacht and motor boat rentals.[14]

Other Recreational Activities

Geoje offers an abundance of trails that can be used to hike, cycle, and some are suitable for ATV use.

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