French toast | preparation


French toast topped with fruit, butter and cream, served with maple syrup.

Slices of bread are soaked or dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs, often whisked with milk or cream. Sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla are variously added to the mixture. The bread is then fried in butter or olive oil until browned and cooked through. Day-old bread is often used, both for its thrift and because it will soak up more egg mixture without falling apart.[18]

The cooked slices may be served with sugar or sweet toppings such as jam, honey, fruit,[19] or maple syrup, or served as a savory dish with ketchup or another sauce.


According to the Compleat Cook (1659) as quoted in the OED, the bread was dipped in milk only, with the egg mixture added afterwards.[20]

Alternatively, the bread may be soaked in wine, rosewater, or orange juice, either before or after cooking.[21][22]

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