Clark Ashton Smith | media adaptations and audio recordings

Media adaptations and audio recordings

  • Clark Ashton Smith: Live from Auburn: The Elder Tapes. In the late 1950s Smith recorded a number of his poems on the taperecorder of his friend Robert B. Elder. Elder chose the 11 poems at random from Smith's books The Dark Chateau and "Spells and Philtres". (Elder had first met Smith when reporting on his 1954 wedding to the former Carol Dorman for The Auburn Courier and they became friends when Smith praised Elder's novel Whom the Gods Destroy.) In 1995 Necronomicon Press released the audiocassette Clark Ashton Smith: Live from Auburn: The Elder Tapes, which includes an introduction by Elder and then Smith reading his poems. The recording was produced by Wayne Haigh. The cassette was accompanied by a booklet featuring a c.1960 photo of Smith and reprints all 11 poems. Gahan Wilson provided the cover art for cassette and booklet. The recording has not been released on CD.
  • "The Double Shadow" was filmed by Azathoth Productions on Super 8 film in 1975 with a script by Leigh Blackmore.[20]
  • "The Return of the Sorcerer" was adapted for an episode of the television series Night Gallery, starring Vincent Price and Bill Bixby.
  • "The Seed from the Sepulcher", "The Vaults of Yoh Vombis" and "The Return of the Sorcerer" were adapted as ten-page comics by Richard Corben, published in DenSaga 1, 2 and 3 respectively (Fantagor Press 1992–1993).
  • "Mother of Toads" was adapted as segment one of the six-segment horror anthology film The Theatre Bizarre (2011).
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