Clark Ashton Smith | bibliography


Books published in Smith's lifetime

First edition
First edition
  • 1912: The Star-Treader and Other Poems. San Francisco: A.M. Robertson, Nov 1912. 100 pages. 2000 copies. Some copies have a frontispiece photo by Bianca Conti; others lack it.
  • 1918: Odes and Sonnets. San Francisco: The Book Club of California, June 1918. 28 pages. 300 copies.
  • 1922: Ebony and Crystal: Poems in Verse and Prose. Auburn CA: The Auburn Journal Press, Oct 1925. 43 pages. Limited to 500 copies signed by Smith. Some copies are found with corrections in Smith's hand to typos in the text.
  • 1925: Sandalwood. Auburn CA: The Auburn Journal Press, Oct 1925. Verse. 43 pages. Limited to 250 (i.e. 225)numbered copies signed by Smith. Some copies are found with corrections in Smith's hand to typos in the text.
  • 1933: The Double Shadow and Other Fantasies. Auburn, CA: The Auburn Journal Press, 1933. Short stories. Limited to 1000 copies in grey paper wrappers.
  • 1937: Nero and Other Poems. Lakeport CA: The Futile Press, May 1937. 24 pages. c.250 copies. Complete copies have laid in the three page essay "The Price of Poetry", on Smith's verse, by David Warren Ryder, which was printed to accompany the book.
  • 1951: The Dark Chateau and Other Poems. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, Dec 1951. 63 pages. 563 copies.
  • 1958: Spells and Philtres. Sauk City: Arkham House, March 1958. Verse. 54 pages. 519 copies.

Books published posthumously

  • 1962: The Hill of Dionysus – A Selection. Pacific Grove, CA: Roy A. Squires and Clyde Beck. Verse. This volume was prepared while Smith was still living but he died before it could see print. It was published 'In memoriam'.
  • 1971: Selected Poems. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, Nov 1971. This volume was delivered by the author to Arkham House in December 1949 but remained unpublished until 1971.

Night Shade Books

  • The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith 5-volume work
  • Miscellaneous Writings. Originally announced as Tales of India and Irony (a collection of non-fantasy/science fiction/horror tales, planned to be available only to subscribers of above collection). Now commercially available.
  • Red World of Polaris (complete tales of Captain Volmar)

Hippocampus Press

  • The Complete Poetry and Translations of Clark Ashton Smith (3 vols)
  • The Black Diamonds. A juvenile Oriental fantasy.
  • The Last Oblivion: Best Fantastic Poems of Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Sword of Zagan and Other Writings. Juvenile Oriental fantasy.
  • The Shadow of the Unattained: Letters of George Sterling and Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Freedom of Fantastic Things: Selected Criticism on Clark Ashton Smith

Arkham House

Spearman (reprinted from Arkham House)

  • Lost Worlds hardcover 1971 ISBN 0-85435-111-6
  • Out of Space and Time 1971 ISBN 0-85435-101-9
  • Genius Loci hardcover 1971 ISBN 0-85435-381-X
  • Abominations of Yondo 1972 ISBN 0-85435-371-2

Panther (reprinted from Arkham House)

Ballantine Adult Fantasy series

Wildside Press

  • The Double Shadow
  • The Maker of Gargoyles and Other Stories
  • The White Sybil and Other Stories

Timescape Books

HIH Art Studios

  • Shadows Seen and Unseen: Poetry from the Shadows. San Jose, CA: Hih Art Studios, 2007. Edited by Raymond L. Johnson and Ardath W. Winterowd and signed by both editors. Limited to 540 copies. Hardcover in slipcase. Includes reproductions of poetry mansuscripts by Smith, and color plates of several Smith paintings.

Penguin Books

  • The Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies. Ed, S. T. Joshi. 2014.


  • Smith, Clark Ashton. Planets and Dimensions: Collected Essays. Edited by Charles K. Wolfe. Baltimore MD: Mirage Press, 1973.
  • Emperor of Dreams. Ed, Stephen Jones. Gollancz, 2002. An omnibus edition in paperback of Smith's best tales.
  • In the Line of the Grotesque and Monstrous. Introduction by D.S. Black. Berkeley: The Bancroft Library, 2004. Prints the text of three letters by Smith to Samuel Loveman. 50 copies only printed, in burnt orange wrappers. Printed on the Bancroft library's 1856 Albion handpress.
  • The Black Abbot of Puthuum. Glendale, CA: The RAS Press, Oct 2007. Limited to 250 numbered copies.
  • Roy A. Squires, bookman and letterpress printer, issued many limited edition pamphlets consisting of individual Smith poems and prose poems.

Scholars S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz are preparing various volumes of Smith's letters to such of his individual correspondents as Donald Wandrei, Robert H. Barlow, and August Derleth.

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