Buckinghamshire | demography


Buckinghamshire districts
District Main towns Population (2011)[9] Area Population density (2011) Population projection 2026
Aylesbury Vale Aylesbury, Buckingham 174,137 902.75 km² 193/km² 213,000
Wycombe High Wycombe, Marlow 171,644 324.57 km² 529/km² 165,000
Chiltern Amersham, Chesham 92,635 196.35 km² 472/km² 89,000
South Bucks Beaconsfield, Burnham 66,867 141.28 km² 474/km² 63,800
TOTAL Non-Metropolitan N/A 505,283 1565 km² 323/km² 530,800
Borough of Milton Keynes Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell 248,821 308.63 km² 806/km² 323,146[10]
TOTAL Ceremonial N/A 754,104 1874 km² 402/km² 853,946
Suburban housing, Chesham

As can be seen from the table, the Vale of Aylesbury and the Borough of Milton Keynes have been identified as growth areas, with a projected population surge of almost 40,000 in Aylesbury Vale between 2011 and 2026 and 75,000 in Milton Keynes within the same 15 years.[citation needed] The population of the Borough of Milton Keynes is expected to reach almost 350,000 by 2031.[11]

Buckinghamshire is sub-divided into civil parishes.

Today Buckinghamshire is ethnically diverse, particularly in the larger towns. At the end of the 19th century some Welsh drover families settled in north Bucks and, in the last quarter of the 20th century, a large number of Londoners in Milton Keynes. Between 6 and 7% of the population of Aylesbury are of Asian or Asian British origin.[12] Likewise Chesham has a similar-sized Asian community,[13] and High Wycombe is the most ethnically diverse town in the county,[6] with large Asian and Afro-Caribbean populations.[6] During the Second World War there were many Polish settlements in Bucks, Czechs in Aston Abbotts and Wingrave, and Albanians in Frieth. Remnants of these communities remain in the county.

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