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John Milton's cottage, Chalfont
Buckingham church seen from across the Ouse

Buckinghamshire is the birthplace and/or final resting place of several notable individuals. St Osyth was born in Quarrendon and was buried in Aylesbury in the 7th century[31] while at about the same time Saint Rumwold was buried in Buckingham.[32] In the medieval period Roger of Wendover was, as the name suggests, from Wendover[33] and Anne Boleyn also owned property in the same town.[34] It is said that King Henry VIII made Aylesbury the county town in preference to Buckingham because Boleyn's father owned property there and was a regular visitor himself.[35] Other medieval residents included Edward the Confessor, who had a palace at Brill,[36] and John Wycliffe who lived in Ludgershall.[37]

Buckinghamshire later became home to some notable literary characters. Edmund Waller was brought up in Beaconsfield and served as Member of Parliament for both Amersham and Wycombe. Percy Bysshe Shelley and his wife Mary lived for some time in Marlow, attracted to the town by their friend Thomas Love Peacock who also lived there.[38] John Milton lived in Chalfont St Giles and his cottage can still be visited there[39] and John Wilkes was MP for Aylesbury.[40] Later authors include Jerome K. Jerome who lived at Marlow,[41] T. S. Eliot who also lived at Marlow,[42] Roald Dahl who lived at Great Missenden,[43] Enid Blyton who lived in Beaconsfield[44] and Edgar Wallace who lived at Bourne End[45] and is buried in Little Marlow.[46] Modern-day writers from Bucks include Terry Pratchett who was born in Beaconsfield,[47] Tim Rice who is from Amersham[48] and Andy Riley who is from Aylesbury.

During the Second World War a number of European politicians and statesmen were exiled in England. Many of these settled in Bucks as it is close to London. President Edvard Beneš of Czechoslovakia lived at Aston Abbotts with his family while some of his officials were stationed at nearby Addington and Wingrave.[49] Meanwhile, Władysław Sikorski, military leader of Poland, lived at Iver[50] and King Zog of Albania lived at Frieth.[51] Much earlier, King Louis XVIII of France lived in exile at Hartwell House from 1809 to 1814.

Also on the local political stage Buckinghamshire has been home to Nancy Astor who lived in Cliveden,[52] Frederick, Prince of Wales who also lived in Cliveden,[53] Baron Carrington who lives in Bledlow,[54] Benjamin Disraeli who lived at Hughenden Manor and was made Earl of Beaconsfield,[55] John Hampden who was from Great Hampden and is revered in Aylesbury to this day[5] and Prime Minister Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery who lived at Mentmore.[56] Also worthy of note are William Penn who believed he was descended from the Penn family of Penn and so is buried nearby[57] and the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who has an official residence at Chequers. John Archdale, the colonial governor of North Carolina and South Carolina, was born in Buckinghamshire.[58]

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