Battle of the Meander | battle


The Turks launched a particularly heavy ambush as the Crusaders attempted to finally cross the river. They used their usual tactic of attacking and then quickly retreating before the enemy could regroup and counter-attack.[2] On this occasion however, Louis had already placed his strongest knights to the front, side and rear, allowing these tough troops to engage the Turks before they could do much damage.[1] The Turks suffered heavy casualties,[3] although many were able to escape back into the mountains on their swift horses.[1] According to William of Tyre, writing later, the Crusaders also managed to capture many of the raiders.[4] Neither William nor Odo reported on total Crusader casualties, although we can assume they were light, because only one significant nobleman, Milo of Nogent, was killed. A rumour that defence was led by an unknown white-clad knight gained popularity among the Crusaders following the battle.[3]

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