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Bibliographic details

As of September 2016, the editorial succession at Astounding and Analog is as follows:[29]

  • Harry Bates, January 1930 – March 1933
  • F. Orlin Tremaine, October 1933 – October 1937
  • John W. Campbell, Jr., October 1937 – December 1971
  • Ben Bova, January 1972 – November 1978
  • Stanley Schmidt, December 1978 – August 2012
  • Trevor Quachri, September 2012 – present

Astounding was published in pulp format until the January 1942 issue, when it switched to bedsheet. It reverted to pulp for six issues, starting in May 1943, and then became the first of the genre sf magazines to be published in digest format, beginning with the November 1943 issue. The format remained unchanged until Condé Nast produced 25 bedsheet issues of Analog between March 1963 and March 1965, after which it returned to digest format.[77] In May 1998, and again in December 2008, the format was changed to be slightly larger than the usual digest size: first to 8.25 x 5.25 in (210 x 135 mm), and then to 8.5 x 5.75 in (217 x 148 mm).[29]

The magazine was originally titled Astounding Stories of Super-Science; this was shortened to Astounding Stories from February 1931 to November 1932, and the longer title returned for the three Clayton issues at the start of 1933. The Street & Smith issues began as Astounding Stories, and changed to Astounding Science-Fiction in March 1938. The hyphen disappeared in November 1946, and the title then remained unchanged until 1960, when the title Analog Science Fact & Fiction was phased in between February and October (i.e., the words "Astounding" and "Analog" both appeared on the cover, with "Analog" gradually increasing in prominence over the months, culminating in the name "Astounding" being completely dropped.) In April 1965 the subtitle was reversed, so that the magazine became Analog Science Fiction & Fact, and it has remained unchanged since then, though it has undergone several stylistic and orthographic variations.[29][77]

As of 2016, the sequence of prices over the magazine's history is as follows:[7][77]

Overseas editions

A British edition published by Atlas Publishing and Distributing Company ran from August 1939 until August 1963, initially in pulp format, switching to digest from November 1953. The pulp issues began at 96 pages, then dropped to 80 pages with the March 1940 issue, and to 64 pages in December that year. All the digest issues were 128 pages long. The price was 9d until October 1953; thereafter it was 1/6 until February 1961, and 2/6 until the end of the run. The material in the British editions was selected from the U.S. issues, most stories coming from a single U.S. number, and other stories picked from earlier or later issues to fill the magazine.[79] The covers were usually repainted from the American originals.[80]

An Italian magazine, Scienza Fantastica [it], published seven issues from April 1952 to March 1953, the contents drawn mostly from Astounding, along with some original stories. The editor was Lionello Torossi [it], and the publisher was Editrice Krator.[81] Danish publisher Skrifola produced six issues of Planetmagazinet in 1958; it carried reprints, mostly from Astounding, and was edited by Knud Erik Andersen.[82]

A German anthology series of recent 1980s stories from Analog was published in eight volumes by Pabel-Moewig Verlag [de] from October 1981 up to June 1984.[83]


Anthologies of stories from Astounding or Analog include:[4][29][79]

Year Editor Title Notes
1952 John W. Campbell The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology
1962 John W. Campbell Prologue to Analog
1963–1971 John W. Campbell, Ben Bova Analog 1 through Analog 9 Issued yearly, 1963–1968, then 1970 and 1971. The first eight volumes were edited by Campbell; the ninth by Bova.
1972–1973 Harry Harrison & Brian W. Aldiss The Astounding–Analog Reader Volume 1 Two volumes, issued in 1972 and 1973.
1978 Ben Bova The Best of Analog
1978 Tony Lewis The Best of Astounding
1980–1984 Stanley Schmidt The Analog Anthologies Ten volumes.
1981 Martin H. Greenberg Astounding Facsimile of the July 1939 issue, with some additional commentary.
2010 G.W. Thomas Vagabonds of Space These four anthologies are drawn from the Clayton era, and have the running title The Clayton Astounding Stories.
2010 G.W. Thomas Out of the Dreadful Depths
2010 G.W. Thomas Planetoids of Peril
2010 G.W. Thomas Invasion Earth!
2011 Stanley Schmidt Into the New Millennium: Trailblazing Tales From Analog Science Fiction and Fact, 2000 - 2010 This title was published strictly as an ebook, without any physical print editions.
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