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Bibliographers do not always agree who should be listed as editor of any given issue of Amazing. For example, Gernsback was in control for the first three years, but Sloane performed all the editorial duties related to fiction, and he is sometimes described as the editor. Similarly, later editors were sometimes under the supervision of editorial directors. Bernard Davis held the title of "Editor" of all Ziff-Davis magazines when at that company,with the actual editing of the magazines done by respective "Managing Editors".The table below, and the charts above, generally follow the mastheads in the magazines, with short notes added. More details are given in the publishing history section, above, which focuses on when the editors involved actually obtained control of the magazine contents, instead of when their names appeared on the masthead.

  • Hugo Gernsback (April 1926 – April 1929). Sloane performed almost all the editorial duties related to fiction.[7]
  • Arthur Lynch (May 1929 – October 1929). As under Gernsback, Sloane was essentially the editor during Lynch's tenure.[76]
  • T. O'Conor Sloane (November 1929 – May 1938)
  • Raymond A. Palmer (June 1938 – December 1949)
  • Howard Browne (January 1950 – August 1956). Fairman actually took over editorial duties with the May or June 1956 issue.[111]
  • Paul W. Fairman (September 1956 – November 1958)
  • Cele Goldsmith Lalli (December 1958 – June 1965). Norman Lobsenz was introduced as editor, but in fact Cele Goldsmith did all the editorial work. When she married she used her married name of Cele Lalli.[112]
  • Joseph Ross (August 1965 – October 1967). A pseudonym for Joseph Wrzos.
  • Harry Harrison (December 1967 – September 1968)
  • Barry N. Malzberg (November 1968 – January 1969)
  • Ted White (March 1969 – February 1979)
  • Elinor Mavor (May 1979 – September 1982). From May 1979 – August 1981 Mavor used the pseudonym Omar Gohagen; subsequently she used her real name.
  • George H. Scithers (November 1982 – July 1986)
  • Patrick Lucien Price (September 1986 – March 1991)
  • Kim Mohan (May 1991 – Winter 1995 and Summer 1998 – Summer 2000)
  • Dave Gross (September 2004 – December 2004)
  • Jeff Berkwits (January 2005 – March 2005)
  • Steve Davidson (July 2012 – August 2018)
  • Ira Nayman (August 2018 to present)

Other bibliographic details

Amazing began as a bedsheet format magazine and remained so until October 1933, when it switched to pulp size. With the April–May 1953 issue Amazing became a digest.[113] Seven issues in the early 1980s, from November 1980 to November 1981, were a half-inch taller than the regular digest size, but thereafter the magazine reverted to the standard digest format.[52] In May 1991 the magazine returned to a large format,[18] but this lasted only until the Winter 1994 issue, and the next three issues were digest-sized again. When the magazine reappeared in 1998, it was in bedsheet format and remained that size until the very end.[52] The last issue, March 2005, was distributed only as a PDF download, never as a physical magazine.[56] The volume numbering contained some irregularities: the numbering given in the tables above appears to be in error for the period from 1979 to 1983, but in fact it is given correctly in the table. Note also that vol. 27 no. 8 was a single issue, not two, as it seems to be from the table; it was dated Dec 1953/Jan 1954.[52]

Issue publishers[52][114][115][116][117]
Dates Publisher
April 1926 – June 1929 Experimenter Publishing, New York
July 1929 – October 1930 Experimenter Publications, New York
November 1930 – September 1931 Radio-Science Publications, New York
October 1931 – February 1938 Teck Publishing Corporation, New York
April 1938 – February 1951 Ziff-Davis, Chicago
March 1951 – June 1965 Ziff-Davis, New York
August 1965 – February 1979 Ultimate Publishing, New York
May 1979 – June 1982 Ultimate Publishing, Scottsdale, Arizona
September 1982 – May 1985 Dragon Publishing, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
July 1985 – Winter 1995 TSR, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
September 2004 – March 2005 Paizo Publishing, Bellevue, Washington
July 2012 – Experimenter Publishing Company, Hillsboro, New Hampshire

The title of the magazine changed several times:[52][55]

Dates Title
April 1926 – February 1958 Amazing Stories
March 1958 – April 1958 Amazing Science Fiction
May 1958 – September 1960 Amazing Science Fiction Stories
October 1960 – July 1970 Amazing Stories
September 1970 – February 1979 Amazing Science Fiction Stories
May 1979 – August 1980 Amazing Stories
November 1980 – November 1984 Amazing Science Fiction Stories Combined with Fantastic
January 1985 – March 1985 Amazing Science Fiction Stories Combined with Fantastic Stories
May 1985 – January 1986 Amazing Science Fiction Stories
March 1986 – March 2005 Amazing Stories
July 2012 – Amazing Stories

Two different series of reprints of Amazing appeared in the United Kingdom. First came a single undated issue from Ziff-Davis, in November 1946. In June 1950, Thorpe & Porter began a second series that lasted until 1954, and totalled 32 issues. The Ziff-Davis issue and the first 24 issues from Thorpe & Porter were pulp-sized; the last eight were digests.[18][113] The Thorpe & Porter issues were undated, but the pulp issues were numbered from 1 to 24, and were initially bimonthly. The March 1951 issue was followed by April and November, however, and in 1952 issues appeared in February, March, April, June, July, September and November. 1953 saw nine pulp issues, omitting only March and May; and with December came the change to digest-size and a perfectly regular bimonthly schedule that lasted until February 1955. These last eight issues were numbered volume 1, numbers 1 to 8.[113] There was also a Canadian edition, which lasted for 24 issues, from September 1933 to August 1935, from Teck Publications; these were identical to the US editions except that the front covers were overprinted with "Printed in Canada on Canadian Paper". A Japanese edition ran for seven issues in mid-1950, selecting stories from Fantastic Adventures as well as from Amazing.[113]

From 1940 to 1943, and again from 1947 to 1951, copies of Amazing Stories were rebound, three at a time, and resold as Amazing Stories Quarterly. A total of 27 of these issues appeared; they should not be confused with the magazine of the same name which ran from 1928 to 1934 as a companion to Amazing Stories.[118]

Several anthologies of stories from Amazing have been published, including:[18][119]

Year Editor Title Publisher
1967 Joseph Ross The Best of Amazing Belmont Books
1973 Ted White The Best from Amazing Stories Manor Books
1985 Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg Amazing Stories: 60 Years of the Best Science Fiction TSR
1986 Martin H. Greenberg Amazing Stories: Vision of Other Worlds TSR
1987 Martin H. Greenberg Amazing Science Fiction Anthology: The Wonderful Years, 1926–1935 TSR
1987 Martin H. Greenberg Amazing Science Fiction Anthology: The War Years, 1936–1945 TSR
1987 Martin H. Greenberg Amazing Science Fiction Anthology: The Wild Years, 1946–1955 TSR
2014 Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davidson The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1926 Anthology Futures Past Editions
2014 Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davidson Amazing Stories Giant 35th Anniversary Edition: Best of Amazing Stories Authorized Edition Futures Past Editions
2015 Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davidson The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1927 Anthology Futures Past Editions
2015 Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davidson The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1940 Anthology Futures Past Editions
2016 Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davidson The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1928 Anthology Futures Past Editions
2017 Jean Marie Stine and Steve Davidson The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1929 Anthology Futures Past Editions

Media crossovers

Director Steven Spielberg licensed the title for use on an American television show called Amazing Stories that ran from 1985 to 1987.[120] Between 1998 and 2000, Amazing Stories published a series of short stories based upon the Star Trek franchise. In 2002, these stories were reissued by Pocket Books in the collection Star Trek: The Amazing Stories.[121]

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