Allier | gastronomy and viticulture

Gastronomy and viticulture

The pâté aux pommes de terre is one of the specialities of the Allier, as well as of the neighboring Limousin region. The Allier River is one of the rare places in Southern Europe where the freshwater grayling (Thymallus thymallus), known in French as ombre des rivières, occurs in a natural habitat.[17] This fish is much valued in French gastronomy for its fine and delicate texture and is best eaten along with a light wine.[18]

Saint-Pourçain AOC wine is produced in Allier and the oak from the forest of Tronçais is one of the most favoured in the construction of wine barrels.[19]

Second homes

In 2008 the department had 7.5% of second homes. This table shows the main communes of Allier with second homes and which occasionally exceed 10% of total housing.

The department has attracted many foreigners, English, Belgian, Swiss, and Dutch. They have acquired many second homes by renovating and bringing unmatched cultural diversity to Allier.

We therefore find many communes have become "European" such as Pouzy-Mésangy which today has many English and Swiss residents.

Communes with more than 10% of second homes in 2008[20]
Town Municipal population Number of lodgings Secondary homes Percentage of
secondary homes
Saint-Nicolas-des-Biefs 181 300 203 67.67%
Laprugne 360 537 305 56.80%
Chouvigny 239 268 131 48.88%
Châtel-Montagne 419 373 131 35.15%
Arfeuilles 685 667 234 35.08%
Saint-Clément 355 313 105 33.55%
Néris-les-Bains 2,704 1,842 435 23.62%
Saint-Bonnet-Tronçais 755 538 125 23.32%
Ébreuil 1,270 736 160 21.74%
Cérilly 1,379 886 119 13.40%
Bourbon-l'Archambault 2,593 1,519 170 11.17%
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