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“Of the three main activities involved in scientific research, thinking, talking, and doing, I much prefer the last and am probably best at it. I am all right at the thinking, but not much good at the talking.”[3]

“Previously I had not had much interest in nucleic acids. I used to go to Gordon Conferences on Protein and Nucleic Acids when the two subjects were bracketed together, and would sit through the nucleic acid talks waiting to get back to proteins. However, with people like Francis Crick around, it was difficult to ignore nucleic acids or to fail to realize the importance of sequencing them.”[4]

“Unlike many scientists, I decided to retire and give up research when I reached the age of 65. This surprised my colleagues, and to some extent myself also. I had not thought about retirement until I suddenly realized that in a few years I would be 65 and would be entitled to stop work and do some of the things I had always wanted to do and had never had time for. The possibility seemed surprisingly attractive, especially as our work had reached a climax with the DNA sequencing method and I rather felt that to continue would be something of an anticlimax.”[5]

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