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Televisión - Apariciones Especiales

  • 1995: Sing Me a Story with Belle (as "Shawn" series regular)
  • 1996: The Reppies (as Master Montague in the episode "Gimmie, Gimmie")
  • 1998: Chicago Hope (as Jonah "Jessica" Boyd in the episode "Risky Business")
  • 1998: Ellen (as Boy Scout in the episode "When Ellen Talks, People Listen")
  • 1998: L.A. Doctors (as Kevin Claybourne in the episode "What About Bob?")
  • 1998: The Drew Carey Show (as Mark Foster in the episode "Kate's Family")
  • 1999: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as Hans Strauss in the episode "Gingerbread")
  • 2000: The Kids from Room 402 (as Jesse in the episode "Schnitzy R.I.P.")
  • 2000: 7th Heaven (as Bobby Carver in the episode "Words")
  • 2000: Touched by an Angel (as Aaron in the episode "Bar Mitzvah")
  • 2000: The Trouble with Normal (as Douglas in the episode "Mail Trouble")
  • 2000: Family Guy (voice) (in the episode "E. Peterbus Unum")
  • 2001: State of Grace (as Logan in the episodes "Where the Boys Are" and "The Expanding Universe")
  • 2001: 7th Heaven (as Bobby Carver in the episode "One Hundred")
  • 2001: The Division (as Cory Kenner in the episode "Faces in the Crowd")
  • 2001: Family Guy (voice) (as Oliver in the episodes "Emission Impossible")
  • 2001: Reba (as Bryan in the episode "Don't Know Much About History")
  • 2002: State of Grace (as Logan in the episode "Dating Games")
  • 2002: Malcolm in the Middle (as Eddie in the episode "Cliques")
  • 2003: Oliver Beene (as Bill in the episode "Divorce-o-Rama")
  • 2003: The Division (as John Jr. at 15 in the episode "Wish You Were Here")
  • 2003: The Brothers Garcia (as Jake Brody in the episode "Two Left Feet")
  • 2004: Century City (as Julian Haan in the episode "Sweet Child of Mine")
  • 2004: Still Standing (as Matthew Halverson in the episode "Still Hangin' Out")
  • 2004: Nip/Tuck (as Trevor Hayes in the episode "Oona Wentworth")
  • 2004: 8 Simple Rules (as Jake in the episode "Out of the Box")
  • 2005: Still Standing (as Matthew Halverson in the episode "Still Drinking")
  • 2009: CSI: Miami (as Daniel Burgess in the episode "In Plain Sight")
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