Bikini Kill | discografía



  • Revolution Girl Style Now! self released cassette (1991)
  • Bikini Kill EP on Kill Rock Stars (1991)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah split LP with Huggy Bear on Catcall Records in the UK, Kill Rock Stars in the US (1993)
  • Pussy Whipped LP on Kill Rock Stars (1994)
  • Reject All American LP on Kill Rock Stars (1996)


  • New Radio/Rebel Girl 7" single on Kill Rock Stars (1993)
  • The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation Single on Kill Rock Stars (1994)
  • I Like Fucking/I Hate Danger 7" single on Kill Rock Stars (1995)


  • Kill Rock Stars on Kill Rock Stars LP/CD (1991)
  • Throw: The YoYo Studio Compilation on YoYo Records (1991)
  • "Daddy's Li'l Girl" on Give Me Back LP Ebullition Records (1991)
  • "Suck My Left One" on There's A Dyke In The Pit, Outpunk Records (1992)
  • Bikini Kill:The Singles (1998)
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