Consensus is a way of talking and working together to make decisions. On Wikipedia, it is the main way we make decisions. Consensus can also mean a decision made in this way, for example The consensus was to use the new picture instead of the old one. Other groups use consensus, but we at Wikipedia are writing an encyclopedia and have special way of doing it.

Talking and silence

Consensus is usually what happens when people work together on a wiki. On any wiki, like Wikipedia, anyone can change almost every page. Everyone else who reads the page can keep the changes or change them to something else. If someone says something about a change or changes it back, then everyone should talk about it. If nobody says anything about a change, it often means that everyone agrees. This idea is often called silence means consent. This is only true if enough people see the change: a small change on a small page may not be seen by very many people at all. You should ask others (like on Simple talk) if you make a big change to an important page and nobody says anything about it.

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