United States Navy destroyer "USS Deyo."

A warship is a ship carrying weapons, which is used by the navy. Some warships also carry naval aircraft.

Warships are made in many different sizes. Here is a list of different kinds of warships, from the largest to the smallest of World War II:

TypeWeight[note 1]Weapons and notes
Battleship35,00012" to 18" naval artillery guns
Aircraft carrier27,000Fully loaded with aircraft, an aircraft carrier weighed over 36,000 ton.
Battle cruiser25,00010" to 12" guns
Cruiser10,000Heavy cruiser had 8" guns or larger
Light cruiser had less than 8" guns.
Destroyer2,0004" to 6" guns.
Frigate1,5003" to 5" guns
  1. Approximate weight in tons

Modern warships

Modern warships come in the same "class" of ship as they did in World War II, but the sizes are different. From largest to smallest:

  • Aircraft carriers are airports at sea. They are often called "floating cities" because they can hold hundreds of planes, and thousands of sailors. US Nimitz class carriers can weigh over 100,000 ton.
  • Battleships are not used anymore. This is because they are expensive to operate and hard to keep safe from enemy attacks. A few still exist in museums. Smaller battleships may be called battle cruisers. Battle cruisers have less armor and guns than a battleship, but are faster.
  • Cruisers and frigates are often now the same size. They are mainly used to launch guided missiles or to shoot down enemy airplanes. Cruisers are usually slower and larger and have longer range than frigates. Most cruisers and frigates are large enough to hold helicopters on the back of the ship. This part is called the fantail. Cruisers can usually hold one or two. Although they are smaller, some frigates are designed to hold two or three.
  • Destroyers are smaller and faster than cruisers and frigates. They are usually used to hunt down enemy submarines. Sometimes, they will also attack enemy airplanes. They can also go closer to shore than larger ships. This allows them to attack things on land.
  • Submarines can hide under the water.
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