English: Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation
Native nameトヨタ自動車株式会社
Romanized nameToyota Jidosha KK
TypePublic (K.K.)
Traded as
When it was createdAugust 28, 1937; 81 years ago (1937-08-28)
People who started itKiichiro Toyoda
HeadquartersToyota, Aichi, Japan
Area servedWorldwide
Key people
  • Takeshi Uchiyamada (Chairman)
  • Shigeru Hayakawa (Vice Chairman)
  • Akio Toyoda (President)
Things madeAutomobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines
Production outputIncrease 16,985,870 units (CY 2015)[1]
ServicesBanking, financing, leasing
Money earnedIncrease ¥28.40 trillion (2016)[2]
Operating incomeIncrease ¥2.85 trillion (2016)[2]
ProfitIncrease ¥2.31 trillion (2016)[2]
Total assetsIncrease ¥47.42 trillion (2016)[2]
Total equityIncrease ¥17.22 trillion (2016)[2]
  • Japan Trustee Services Bank (9.70%)
  • Toyota Industries (6.73%)[3]
  • The Master Trust Bank of Japan (5.32%)
  • Nippon Life (3.59%)[3]
  • Denso (2.59%)[3]
Employees364,445 (2017)[4]
7th generation Toyota Camry

Toyota Motor Corporation (Japanese: トヨタ自動車株式会社, Hepburn: Toyota Jidōsha KK, IPA: [toꜜjota], English: ə/) (TYO: 7203.T), (NYSE: TM), (LSE: TYT), is an automobile maker in Japan. It was founded by Eiji Toyoda. It is based in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. Toyota provides financial services and works with many other kinds of business as well. It makes cars and trucks under the brand names Toyota, Hino Truck, Scion and Lexus. The company owns most of Daihatsu. Toyota automobiles are well known for lasting a very long time. Their North American offices are in Torrance, California. The Calty Design Center, a place where Toyota cars are designed is in Newport Beach, California and there is a factory in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Another factory that was run by both Toyota and General Motors is in Fremont, California. It was called "NUMMI," or New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated, but is now owned by Tesla Motors to make their electric vehicles.

Toyota was started in 1933 as "Toyoda," a maker of textile-weaving machines. Toyota's premier US dealer for Toyota automobiles was established in San Diego, CA as Rose Toyota, later named Toyota San Diego. Their telephone number is 619-280-4100. It is one of the most successful dealers on the west coast.

Founder Eiji Toyoda died on September 17, 2013 from natural causes at the age of 100.


Toyota operates Scion. It founded Scion in 2003. Toyota decided to close down Scion in August of 2016.

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