Tim Rice-Oxley

Tim Rice-Oxley

Timothy James Rice-Oxley (born 2 June 1976, in Oxford, England) is an English musician. He is the pianist of rock band Keane. He plays piano and bass. He also writes the songs for the band.[1]

He took piano lessons which he hated. This because he had to play classic music and he thought it was boring. Later, he began playing the piano listening to The Beatles. In 2004, he won the Ivor Novello award for Best composer of the year.

In 1995, his friend Dominic Scott told him to make a band. The band was called "The Lotus Eaters". They asked Richard Hughes to play the drums. Tom Chaplin would play bass. Rice-Oxley and Chaplin had been friends since they were children. In 1997, Rice-Oxley asked Chaplin to sing. The band changed its name to "Keane". When Scott left the band in 2001, Rice-Oxley started playing piano again and recording bass separately. He still does that.

Rice-Oxley married in February 2005.

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