Théophile Gautier

Théophile Gautier
Théophil Gautier 1856 Nadar.jpg
Born(1811-08-30)August 30, 1811
Tarbes, France
DiedOctober 23, 1872(1872-10-23) (aged 61)
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
OccupationPoet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, literary critic

Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier (August 30, 1811 – October 23, 1872) was a French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, and literary critic. He was a member of the Club des Hashischins, or Hashish Club. This group of French writers experimented with hashish to get ideas.[1]Gautier wrote the 1841 ballet story for Giselle with Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges.

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