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{{Citation needed}} is a template used to identify claims in articles, particularly if questionable, that need a citation to a reliable source. This template produces the superscripted message [source?] and is installed with no spaces directly after punctuation.


{{Citation needed|reason=Your explanation here|date=November 2019}}


  • To automatically add the current date, you can use substitution: .
  • The |date= parameter need not be added by the editor: if not entered, a bot will soon add it. The date parameter consists of the full English name of the current month with initial capital, a space, and the year, not full dates; e.g., "January 2013", but not "jan13". Any deviation from these two rules will result in an "invalid date parameter" error.
  • The |reason= parameter is optional but often helpful. It is displayed as a tooltip in some browsers (hover the mouse here[source?] to check behaviour of your browser). For example, the following usage might be appropriate to the claim that "Humphrey Bogart has won several snooker world championships":
    {{Citation needed|reason=This claim needs a reliable source; Bogart was a famous actor, and his major biographies don't mention snooker.|date=November 2019}}
    • Use only plain text for the |reason= parameter. It does not support wiki markup like wikilinks, which can "mess up" the tooltip.
    • Double quotation marks used within the |reason= parameter will likewise "mess up" the tooltip; use single quotes or the HTML code " instead.
  • Use of this template places the article into Category:All articles with unsourced statements and Category:Articles with unsourced statements from November 2019 (example; past months are listed in Category:Articles with unsourced statements).
  • This template should be installed directly after punctuation, such as a full stop (period) or a comma.
  • Remove the template when you add a citation for a statement.
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