Savate, also known as boxe française (French boxing) or French kickboxing, is a French martial art - a kind of boxe pieds-poings - which use the hands and the feet as weapons and includes elements of Western boxing, techniques of grappling and techniques of leg (only with the feet: neither knee, nor shin). The persons who perform savate are called savateurs or "tireurs" in case of the men, and savateuses in case of the women.


Savate carry its name from the French word for "oldest shoe" (heavy shoes that were used to use during the combats) and is now a combination of the French techniques of fighting from beginning of the century XIX. In that age, savate was a kind of fighting which was common in Paris and in the North of France. In the South, especially in the port of Marseilles, the seamen had developed other style known as jeu marseillais ("the game of Marseilles"), that has obtained a new name chausson ("slipper", that was the shoes that the seamen used). Differently, in that age in England (the place of birth of boxing and the rules of Queensberry), people treated kicking as non-fair in sport or as something what only the cowards used more.

The two persons who has been recorded in the history of changing of street combat into modern savate are Michel Casseux (also known as "le Pisseux") (1794-1869), and Charles Lecour (1808-1894). Casseux opened in 1825 the first building in order to perform and to help in the development of a version of chausson and savate with rules (refusing to allow the strikes with the head, attacks with the fingers to the eyes, etc.). Anyhow, such sport still have been limited by its opinion of street combat. A student of Casseux, Charles Lecour had been exposed to the English art of boxing in the year 1830 and he had felt himself misfit, because he used his hands in order to hit the feet of the opponent and to drive them away in this way, instead of punching as in boxing. By that reason he trained himself in boxing during two years and in 1832 he combined boxing with chausson and savate in order to create such sport of savate boxe française as we know it today.

Probably the more outstanding recognition as soon as to the esteem of savate came in 1924 when had been included as sport of exhibition in the Olympic Games of [1], savate is in the lower places of injuries when is compared with the soccer, football, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, baseball and speed skating.

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