Titlepage of La Crónica del rey don Rodrigo (The Chronicle of the Lord King Roderic) published by Juan Ferrer (1549), recounting the legendary deeds of Roderic

Rodrigo[1] (English: Ruderic, Roderic, Roderik, Roderich, or Roderick, [Ludhriq, لذريق] error: : text has italic markup (help) ; died 711 or 712) was the Visigothic King of Hispania for a brief period between 710 and 712. He is famous in legend as "the last king of the Goths." In history he actually is an extremely obscure figure about whom little can be said with certainty but that he ruled part of Iberia with opponents ruling the rest and was defeated and killed by invading Muslims who soon conquered the entire peninsula. His widow Egilona is believed to have married Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa, who was later assassinated.

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  1. His name is of Gothic origin. Its Germanic root is Hrōþirīk(i)az.

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