Richard III of England

Richard III
Richard III King of England and France,
Lord of Ireland
King of England (more...)
Reign26 June 1483 – 22 August 1485 (2 years, 57 days)
Coronation6 July 1483
PredecessorEdward V
SuccessorHenry VII
Born(1452-10-02)2 October 1452
Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire
Died22 August 1485(1485-08-22) (aged 32)
Bosworth Field, Leicestershire
BurialGreyfriars (Franciscan Friary), Leicester[1]
ConsortAnne Neville
IssueEdward of Middleham, Prince of Wales
HouseHouse of York
FatherRichard Plantagenet, Duke of York
MotherCecily Neville, Duchess of York

Richard III (1452–1485) was an English king. He reigned from 1483 until 1485, as the last king from the House of Plantagenet.

Richard was the youngest son of Richard, Duke of York. He had three elder brothers, Edward, Edmund and George. Richard, Duke of York, and his second son, Edmund, were both killed in battle during the Wars of the Roses. The eldest son, Edward, was a very good soldier, and won the throne of England in battle against the reigning king, King Henry VI. Edward then became King Edward IV of England and his two brothers, George and Richard, became very powerful men.

Richard married Anne Neville, whose father had once been a friend of the family. Richard and Anne had known each other since they were children, but Anne had been taken to France, where she had married the Prince of Wales, the son of Henry VI. When the Prince of Wales was killed in battle, Anne became a widow, and soon she was married to Richard, even though he had been her husband's enemy. Richard and Anne lived at Middleham Castle in North Yorkshire. They had one son, who was named Edward after Richard's brother, King Edward. Richard quarrelled frequently with his brother George, who was married to Anne's sister, Isabel. King Edward became so angry that he put George in prison, where he died.

King Edward married a woman called Elizabeth Woodville, who had been married before and had many relatives. Soon her relatiives became very rich and powerful, causing bad feeling among those who had been in the king's favour before the marriage. Edward and Elizabeth had several children, including two sons, who were named Edward and Richard.

When King Edward died, his elder son Edward should have been the next king, but he was still a boy. Richard had been asked by his brother the king to look after the two boys. He was worried that the new young king would not be able to rule the country properly. He was also worried that the Woodville family would soon be telling the king what to do and ruling the country for themselves.

Richard the King

Richard took the throne from his nephew, Edward V, and sent Edward and his brother to the Tower of London. They were both probably murdered. At the time, many people believed that King Richard had ordered them killed, but there is no evidence about what happened to them.

There has been discussion for many years about whether Richard III was a good king or a bad king. During his reign, which lasted only two years, he was very popular in parts of the country, especially the north of England. However, there were enough people who hated him to make sure that his enemies were able to raise a big army against him and defeat him in battle. Shakespeare's Richard III (play) depicts him as totally evil.

Richard's skeleton was discovered in 2012

Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. He was the last English king to die in battle.[2] He suffered two head wounds that would have killed him almost immediately. After the battle, his body was stripped of clothing and carried naked on the back of a horse to Leicester. His skeleton shows that the body was further damaged after his death.[2] He was buried in Greyfriars church, but this was demolished later. His body was rediscovered in 2012 by archaeologists digging in what is now a carpark.[2]

Henry Tudor, who led the army that defeated him, became the next King of England.

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