Atlantic puffins (F. arctica)
Scientific classification
Brisson, 1760

F. arctica
F. cirrhata
F. corniculata

Puffins are sea birds[1] that can fly and swim. These squat birds live in the cold sea of the northern Arctic Ocean. In the breeding season they move to the coast, where they dig burrows on cliffs and make a nest in the burrow.


Puffins have thick, waterproof feathers that protect them from the cold. They have webbed feet that help them swim. They hunt for fish underwater and can hold several fish in their large beaks. Their beak is triangular when seen from the side and narrow when viewed from the front. In breeding season, the beak becomes brightly colored. In the air, they beat their relatively small wings very fast (up to 400 times in a minute).[2]

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