Prefectures of Japan

Map of the regions and prefectures of Japan

Prefectures of Japan (都道府県, todōfuken) are one of the basic local entities of Japan.[1] There are the 47 subdivisions of the island nation. Prefectures are the governmental bodies of Japan which are larger than cities, towns, and villages.


The former provinces of Japan were converted into prefectures between 1876 and 1879.[2]

The term todofuken combines suffixes which recognize Japan's 47 largest sub-national jurisdictions,[1] including

  • -to .... one metropolis (都 -to), Tokyo (東京都, Tōkyōto)
  • -do ....  one “circuit” (道 -dō), Hokkaido (北海道, Hokkaidō)
  • -fu ....  two urban prefectures (府 -fu), Osaka (大阪府, Ōsakafu) and Kyoto (京都府, Kyōtofu)
  • -ken ... forty-three other prefectures (県 -ken)
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