Polydor Records

Polydor Records
Parent companyUniversal Music Group
Founded1924, Germany
Distributing labelA&M Records (US)
Self-distributed (Outside US)
Country of originUK; US (re-issues and/or domestic distribution of overseas releases - only)
Official websitewww.polydor.co.uk

Polydor Records is a record label currently based in the UK, and is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

Polydor UK

Though Polydor's American branch is gone, in the United Kingdom, however, Polydor continues to sign chart-topping acts and remains one of the strongest imprints in the country — with artists such as Klaxons, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Take That and Kaiser Chiefs. It also acts as the UK label for American-based acts under Interscope-Geffen-A&M like Eminem and Gwen Stefani.

In spring 2006, Polydor launched Fascination Records, a music label dedicated to pop music. Both Girls Aloud and Sophie Ellis-Bextor transferred to the new label.

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