Philip IV of France

Philip IV the Fair
King of France and Navarre
Count of Champagne
Reign5 October 128529 November 1314
Coronation6 January 1286, Reims
BornApril-June 1268
BirthplaceFontainebleau, France
Died29 November 1314(1314-11-29) (aged 46)
Place of deathFontainebleau, France
BuriedSaint Denis Basilica
PredecessorPhilip III
SuccessorLouis X
Consort toJoan I of Navarre
ChildrenLouis X
Philip V
Charles IV
Isabelle, Queen of England
Royal HouseHouse of Capet
FatherPhilip III
MotherIsabella of Aragon

Philip IV (April-June 1268 – November 29, 1314), called the Fair (French: le Bel) was the son and successor of Philip III. He reigned as King of France from 1285 until his death. He was the husband of Joan I of Navarre

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