An artist's palette.

A palette is used for mixing colours.They are usually made out of plastic or wood but can be made out of other materials. An artist often uses one of these and is in fact an essential item in art, when painting.

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العربية: لوحة الألوان
беларуская: Палітра
български: Палитра
dansk: Palet
Esperanto: Paletro
فارسی: تخته‌رنگ
Gaeilge: Pailéad
한국어: 조색판
հայերեն: Ներկապնակ
עברית: לוח צבעים
Basa Jawa: Palèt
Nederlands: Palet
norsk: Palett
norsk nynorsk: Palett
português: Paleta
русский: Палитра
Türkçe: Palet (resim)
українська: Палітра