Osceola County, Florida

Osceola County, Florida
Kissimmee New County Crths02.jpg
The Osceola County courthouse in October 2009
Flag of Osceola County, Florida
Seal of Osceola County, Florida
Map of Florida highlighting Osceola County
Location in the U.S. state of Florida
Map of the United States highlighting Florida
Florida's location in the U.S.
FoundedMay 12, 1887
Named forOsceola
Largest cityKissimmee
 • Total1,506 sq mi (3,901 km2)
 • Land1,327 sq mi (3,437 km2)
 • Water178 sq mi (461 km2), 11.9%
Population (est.)
 • (2016)336,015
 • Density244/sq mi (94.3/km2)
Congressional district9th
Time zoneEastern: UTC−5/www.osceola.org

Osceola County is a county in the U.S. state of Florida, and was formed on May 8, 1917. As of 2000, 172,493 people lived there. Osceola County's seat is Kissimmee.

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