New town

Brasília, the capital city of Brazil, is a planned city

A new town, planned community, or planned city is a kind of city that is designed by architects and engineers before it is built. Most cities and towns just develop over the years, without a clear plan. Planned community neighborhoods are designed with separate districts of the city for parks, stores, homes, and offices. Planned communities have a transportation system for commuters.

Other Languages
العربية: مدينة مخططة
Deutsch: Planstadt
français: Ville nouvelle
한국어: 신도시
Bahasa Indonesia: Kota terencana
ქართული: ახალი ქალაქი
Bahasa Melayu: Bandar baru
Nederlands: Geplande stad
日本語: 計画都市
português: Cidade planejada
српски / srpski: Нови градови
svenska: Planerad stad
Türkçe: Planlı şehir
粵語: 新市鎮
中文: 新市鎮