Nephthys in red dress
in hieroglyphs

Nephthys was a goddess with wide power and capacity, and she was often referred to as "The Excellent Goddess." She could also be dangerous, able to kill the enemies of the king with her fiery breath. In this capacity, she was considered a protector of the king. Nephthys was not only a goddess of death, decay, and darkness but also a magician with great healing powers. 
Nephthys has a central role in the popular myths of Osiris; it is her magical powers that helps to resurrect his body, as well as to protect and nurture Horus while he is a child.
She is in some contexts presented as a protector of the dead, in other as protecting the baboon-headed Hapi, one of the 4 canopic jars.
In the Late Period, she became linked with the goddess, Anuket.


According to their myth, Nephthys had many siblings. Her parents were Geb the god of the earth and Nut the goddess of the sky. She was the sister of Isis, Osiris and sister/twin and consort of Set. Nephthys was also the mother of Anubis, the jackal-headed one with black skin.

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