Neo soul

Neo soul
Stylistic originsSoul, R&B, hip hop, quiet storm, funk, jazz, electronic, pop, jazz-funk, jazz fusion, African
Cultural origins1980s—early 1990s, United States, United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsGuitar, bass, electric piano, organ, drums, vocals (singing, rapping), synthesizers, horns, drum machines
Mainstream popularityLate 1990s – early 2000s
Other topics
Acid jazz, alternative hip hop, African-American music, hip hop soul, nu jazz, rare groove

Neo Soul is a genre (style) of music. It combines soul, hip hop soul, alternative hip hop and quiet storm. Some notable artists that make this kind of music are Frank Ocean, Adele, Beyonce, and Miguel. The term neo soul was created by the record producer Kedar Massenburg.

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