English: Libreville

Chancery Building, Libreville
Chancery Building, Libreville
Map of the Gabon showing Libreville.
Map of the Gabon showing Libreville.
Coordinates: 0°23′24″N 9°27′0″E / 0°23′24″N 9°27′0″E / 0.39000; 9.45000(2005)
 • Total578,156
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Libreville is the capital city of Gabon. It is the largest city in that country. The city has a population of 578,156 people. Libreville is a port on the Gabon River, near the Gulf of Guinea. It is a trade center for a timber region.

The Libreville International Airport, the headquarters for Air Gabon, is about 11 km (6.8 mi) north of the city.


The Mpongwé tribe lived in the area long before the French took control of the land in 1839. The city was founded (as Gabon) in 1843 as a trading station. Freed slaves were sent there from the ship L'Elizia. In 1848 it was named Libreville (French for "Freetown"). It was the chief port of French Equatorial Africa from 1934 to 1946.

Libreville was named in after Freetown. It grew slowly as a trading post and a minor administrative centre. It had a population of 31,000 when it became independent in 1960. Since independence, the city has grown more quickly. Nearly half the of the people of Gabon live in the city.

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