English: Lemonade

A cup of lemonade.

Lemonade is a drink made with water, lemons or lemon juice, and sugar.

There are two main types: cloudy, and clear, each known simply as "lemonade" in their home countries.[1] Cloudy lemonade, generally found in North America and India, is a traditionally homemade drink made with lemon juice, water, and sweetened with cane sugar or honey.[2] Clear lemonade is a lemon, or lemon-lime flavored, carbonated soft drink. This type is common in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

To make 8 cups of lemonade, mix the juice of 8 freshly squeezed lemons with 1/2 a cup of sugar and 5 cups of water and serve over ice cubes. A diced (cut up) lemon or lime can also be added to mixture. The sugar is sometimes replaced by maple syrup.

Pink lemonade can be made by adding some grenadine or another red juice, or using pink lemons.[3] Some pink lemonades are lightly carbonated, including French brand Lorina lemonade.

In the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, and New Zealand, the term 'lemonade' refers to a clear, carbonated, sweet lemon-flavored soft drink. In India it is commonly referred to as 'Nimbu paani' meaning "lemon water" or 'Shikanji'. It is sold by street vendors, especially in North India.

Lemonade stands are a small shops made by kids especially in the U.S. Children sell it to adults to learn the basics of business and to earn some money.

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